Mobile and Small Businesses

Head on over to the Local Fresh blog where I tackle 5 Reasons Why Mobile Is Important For Small Businesses. In this day and age, it is NOT optional, so check it out and learn why you should make sure your website speaks Mobile, why “only 74% of consumers will wait only 5 seconds for…
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What Makes A Good Intern

Walking by a diligently working intern the other day, I was reminded of the interns I’d worked with and about my own experience as an intern.  There was a four- or five-year period when I was Communications Manager for Downtown Boulder in which I had a new intern every few months.  The interns were abundant, as Boulder…
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Is Facebook At Work The Next Enterprise Answer?

Over on blog, I peek into the whys and whats of Facebook At Work, the social media giant’s recent entry onto the enterprise collaboration software and social communications scene.  While Zuckerberg and crew are hoping to conquer another, more lucrative vertical, will Facebook At Work be an abject success or will other platforms already…
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My Digital Marketing Predictions for 2015

It’s 2015 and it is going to be another year full of change in the digital and social marketing world (though maybe not exactly how Marty McFly experienced it). Here’s our take on the trends we think will move and shake the industry this year: 1. Mobile Innovations Even as the march towards wearables will again dominate…
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Why Yelp and Google+ Reviews Are So Important

A little primer on one of the most important tools right now in the great struggle for SEO dominance: The Review Listing. Check out my new blog for Local Fresh: “How Getting Business Reviews Increases SEO” – where I go over the whys and hows of  this fundamental change in how we search for everything.…
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My Dear Facebook Post Rant On The Thoroughly Modern Marketing blog

Sick of the Facebook? It finally pours out of me over at the  Thoroughly Modern Marketing blog so have a read and learn  about “dainty little Faustian bargain with Mr. Zuckerberg” and why it’s a “Hashtag hell filled with selfies, crappy food pics, and duck faces.”
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