Looking for Content Creation Tools?

In my latest entry over at I have the 5 Best Content Discovery Tools For Small Businesses for your reading pleasure. In it I detail a few of my favorite time-hacks for any business to take advantage of to help connect with their online communities and to easily become a content curator with some great…
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All About Klout

I take on the mysterious social ranker: Klout – over on the blog. Now it’s got bells and whistles like content creation and even it’s own content sharing platform. But how does it stack up against the rest and is it even worth it?  You’ll have to read the post here to find out.  
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How To Choose The Right Database and CRM

I blog occasionally over at the website on SEO, small business marketing, WordPress, and other such online marketing content and strategy topics. The latest post tell you how to help find the best database and CRM for your business. Comes complete with a handy list too, so head on over there now.
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Leaping, trusting, and breaking the internet: Lessons in being an entrepreneur

After 27 different jobs and over 20 years of working for other people, I recently opened my own business. I am still getting used to the moniker of entrepreneur or founder, and instead feel like crazy, lucky bastard may be a better title. Having just burned out in the nonprofit world and looking for change…
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Don’t Be Scared Of Social – Six Easy Strategies for Small & Medium Businesses

I am frequently asked by small and medium  business customers  how they should use social media. They see it surrounding them on a daily basis, and maybe they’ve even thrown up a Facebook page for their brand, waded in the LinkedIn waters, or heard of hashtags on Twitter, but is it worth their time and…
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Mobile, it’s the new plastics…

 Digital strategy can be a frustrating field for many out there, especially small businesses that have limited time to dedicate to such a fast-changing form.  One of the ways around this that I use on daily basis is using my life as a case study in what consumers are doing and what they want.  What do I…
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