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Eli Madrone

Eli Madrone believes in creating community through technology, and using strategy, social, humor, and design to do it.  He has over 15 years of experience with digital strategy, social media, search engine optimization, newsletter management, content creation, communication strategies, project management, and website development. Eli has worked in the food service, arts, theater, nonprofit, tourism, medical, government, and technology startup industries.

Originally from the Emerald Triangle in Northern California, Eli is a graduate of Lewis and Clark College here in Portland, OR, but has also lived and worked in Maui, HI; Bozeman, MT;  and Boulder, CO.

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Dr. Juliana Madrone

Juliana Madrone started her first graphic design company at age 16 and now possesses decades of writing, editing, and management expertise across numerous fields. She is fluent with CSS, HTML, JavaScript and jQuery, and is currently expanding her web development skills. She has written and edited numerous book-length essays and papers, and taught many college classes on history and theory.

Juliana proudly hails from Bozeman, MT, is a graduate of Lewis and Clark College, and received her PhD from University of Colorado, Boulder.

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Supporting Cast


Lucas Balzer

Lucas has been making the computing world more efficient since he tried to install custom modifications on his Texas Instruments calculator in high school. He is currently focused on helping small businesses establish a competitive brand identity and marketing voice. With solid PHP, JavaScript, and jQuery skills, Lucas is always finding new WordPress plugins and modifications to make his clients’ webpages increasingly polished and effective. A Google Apps and DNS zone genie, we love seeing what we can throw his way.

Originally a native Californian, Lucas has been in Oregon long enough for moss to grow between his toes. We consider him a Portlander because of his collection of mostly-working bikes.



Rob Hall

Rob Hall has been working in the design industry for over 15 years, with projects ranging from print collateral, logos and brand management, to media campaigns and web design. He has produced award-winning designs for projects both large and small, both nationally recognized and locally rooted. Though his strengths range from art direction to web development, design is where he thrives.

Rob began his career in North Carolina, and spent time in San Francisco, California as well. He now collaborates with us from Virginia where he is always beating us to the sunrise.



Ichigo Takikawa

Ichigo Takikawa is graphic and web designer with multimedia marketing expertise and a degree from the University of Minnesota. A native Oregonian, Ichigo continually makes us all jealous with her food and outdoor adventures posted on Instagram. Recently married on a mountaintop in western Oregon, she lives in Corvallis, and is a tech and game nerd who enjoys sci-fi, long hikes, and yummy food.